Services provided by Vision2Brain


There are four categories of services provided by Vision2Brain. Find out more information about each service below.

1. Online screening lists

2. Educational counseling

3. Functional assessment

4. Personalized rehabilitation and training programmes

Some practical information before booking the services of Vision2Brain

  • Parents or legal representatives can book one or several services according to the children/teenagers' needs. For further information about booking conditions, please check each category of service.

  • Parents have to accompany their children in the assessment and rehabilitation sessions. The child/teen doesn't need to take part in an educational counseling session unless it is relevant for implementing some recommendations in their activities or expressing her/his own will.

  • Before submitting the booking, parents or legal representatives will electronically sign the Informed consent, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

For more information about the available services, please read the sections below.