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Vision2Brain offers three categories of sensory stimulation and rehabilitation packages:

  1. Sound Healing Therapy.

  2. Functional vision assessment.

  3. Visual stimulation and rehabilitation.

Based on your individual needs and visual profile, it is set up an individualized assessment and rehabilitation plan.


More details about each service can be found by accessing the sections below.

1. Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing therapy combines different sounds, music and instruments inducing relaxation response. It counters many symptoms caused by chronic stress, while helping to balance your wellbeing. 

Sound Healing is recommended as a stand-alone alternative therapy or as an adjuvant to the vision therapy program. The main benefit is the relaxation of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which leads to improvement of visual attention and motivation as prerequisites for rehabilitation progress.

2. Functional Vision Assessment

Functional Vision Assessment is a non-medical, systematic procedure that evaluates different functions of the visual system from the eye until the brain. It is a required assessment procedure since functional vision is affected in proportion of 35% to 75% by brain injury, dysfunctions or other medical conditions.


Furthermore, the functional vision assessment reveals the impact of visual dysfunction on the execution of visually related tasks such as reading and writing, orientation in space, finding personal belongings and so forth.

3. Visual Stimulation and Rehabilitation 

marsden ball.jpg

Visual Stimulation and Rehabilitation program includes a set of individualized exercises that (re)train your visual ability and facilitate a more efficient visual information processing. Among the trained functions are to emphasize: visual attention and focus, eye movement, eyes and eye-hand coordination, reading abilities, visual scanning and so forth.


Vision2Brain uses traditional and computer-based methods, the most innovative techniques and instruments available to the European and international markets.

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