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The Story of Vision in a "Black Box"

Behind the Story of Vision2Brain is a passion for light, vision in color, and the brain, which has lightened my heart and inspired my personal and professional development.

But, what about your Story of Vision?

Vision is one of the most valuable abilities you are given. When the light reaches your eyes, distinct bits of information are brought inside a "Black Box", your Brain. This information is further classified, connected, and shaped in multiple combinations, creating a variety of visual experiences. Vision and visual perception evolve in time through learning and experience, developing billions of neuronal connections that give you a unique interpretation of the outside world. This complex process creates your Story of Vision.


Why vision plays such an essential role in our everyday life? Vision is a result of the complex information processing of the visual system. The visual system encompasses the eyes and other components in the brain, which requires 60% of the brain´s capacity for visual processing and feedback. The visual system is essential in motor coordination and balance, intellectual and social interaction, emotional control, visual focus, attention, and more. Therefore, visual processing is a vulnerable function that can be affected by conditions such as cerebral vascular accidents, traffic and sports accidents, attention spectrum disorders such as ADHD, learning disabilities, metabolic disorders, etc., that require special care.

However, the Story of Vision takes a different turn when a brain injury or dysfunction occurs. Thus, the world you experienced prior to injury brings an entirely different meaning and understanding. When the engine of the Brain changes, your visual perspective and perception of yourself and the outside world change as well in a form that becomes unfamiliar and fuzzy. Therefore, the "Black Box" needs reorganization and reprogramming to be readapted to a new context.

Vision2Brain was created to bring light and color within the "Black Box", to retrain and reorganize the Vision by using the flexibility - neuroplasticity - of your Brain.

The mission of Vision2Brain is to facilitate your understanding of the significance of vision for your daily life and and how the vision can change once a brain injury or dysfunction occurs.


Through individualized assessment and rehabilitation programs, Vision2Brain supports you in diminishing "the noise" created by brain injury or other medical conditions that might affect your visual system. Vision2Brain brings more clarity about your visual ability post-injury, strengthens your motivation for thoughtfully engaging in the rehabilitation process, and increases your independence and quality of life.

Who guides you through the visual journey?

Dr. Roxana Elena Cziker


Specialist functional and integrative visual therapy
Competencies in functional optometry, neuroscience coaching, and sound healing therapy

Roxana is a psycho-pedagogue specialized in the assessment, therapy, and rehabilitation of functional vision and visual processing disorders. She started her early career as a teacher for children with blindness and later as a specialist in the early intervention for children with vision impairment and multiple disabilities. Roxana set up for the first time in Romania the research on cerebral visual impairment.


She has a vast practical experience in designing and implementing functional vision assessment and rehabilitation programs for children, teenagers, and adults with vision impairment due to ophthalmological and neuro-visual disorders or visual cognitive dysfunctions.


Her primary focus is designing individualized vision training and visual rehabilitation programs that overcome oculomotor dysfunctions and visual processing disorders in children and adults. Additionally, she practices sound healing therapy to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic body for an active and aware engagement in the rehabilitation process.


She has a Ph.D. in psychology and medical science, studying the impact of brain injuries on the visuomotor, sensorial neurocognitive, and perceptive functions in pediatric pathology.


Her visual assessment and rehabilitation approach is built on the bio-psycho-social model of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF, World Health Organisation, 2001), focusing on the holistic interaction between health status, functional vision, and environmental and personal factors. Roxana applies the neuroscience of behavior change to generate the post-injury motivation necessary for a successful rehabilitation program outcome. She uses advanced traditional and computer-based techniques, functional optometry, and oculomotor and visual perception therapy instruments.


Roxana is a member affiliated with the following organisations:

  • Romanian College of Psychologists, Romania.

  • Behavioural Optometry Academy Foundation.

  • European Academy of Optometry and Optics.

  • Neuroscience Academy Australia.

  • Association of Women in Business, Iceland.

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