About Vision2Brain

Vision2Brain is an international company that provides individual online and in-person services such as screening, educational counseling, functional assessment, and rehabilitation and training programmes addressed to children and teenagers with visual functioning, visual processing disorders, and learning disabilities due to congenital brain defects, acquired and traumatic brain injuries, and other conditions that affect the function of the brain responsible for the processing of visual information.

The particular interest of Vision2Brain is to switch the spotlight from a narrow to a broader perspective about the visual perception function so that children and teenagers can expand their awareness of the environment and handle better the visual information created by the fantastic inter-connectivity between the eyes and the brain. 

Mission of Vision2Brain

The mission of Vision2Brain is to promote, develop, and strengthen the daily life activity independence and autonomy, and the quality of educational abilities carried out by children and teenagers facing visual processing disorders. Thus, Vision2Brain provides practical guidance and recommendations for parents related educational and daily life activities of their children, such as preparatory stages for reading and writing, the adaptation of environment accessible from the perspective of mobility and orientation, organization of space, and other visual tasks, based on the results of the functional and educational assessment.​


To whom are the services addressed?

The services are addressed to children and teenagers from birth to 16 years of age facing difficulties in achieving different daily life activities such as finding personal belongings, recognizing people, moving freely in open and crowding spaces, and educational activities such as reading and writing, mathematics, sports activities and so on.

Among the conditions that might affect the functioning of the brain related processing of visual information necessary for the execution of educational and daily life activities tasks are named: learning disabilities, congenital brain defects in case of light or multiply disabled children, car, sports accidents, falls, and assaults that injure different areas of the brain and other conditions that might disable the processing of visual information.

Online services

The Vision2Brain online services are tailored for children and parents from different countries to enable their access to support services when the in-person meeting is not an option because of distance, traveling cost and accommodation, and special situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the new technology's considerable advantage is turned out into a communication facilitator via online platforms.

Our team


Dr. roxana elena cziker

Special education specialist, PH.D.

I am a dedicated person and professional, with twenty-four years of experience in research, assessment, rehabilitation of functional vision, and building services for children and adults with visual disabilities, cerebral visual impairment, and additional disabilities. I am qualified as psychopedagog (special education for people with disabilities) by the Romanian Association of Psychologists and licenses in psychopedagogy for disabled people by the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I am the pioneer of setting up, for the first up in Romania, the service addressed children with cerebral visual impairment. I have been involved in several educational, social, research, and innovation projects under the European Union programmes such as Life-Long Learning, Erasmus plus, and Horizon 2020. Please find more information about my professional background and experience in the attached CV.


  • 2013-Master’s degree in Management, counseling and psycho-pedagogic assistance in inclusive institutions

  • 2010-PhD in Medical science

  • 2007-PhD in Psychology


  • Member affiliated of the Romanian Association of Psychologists (see attached international certification) 

  • Member of the AERA – American Educational Research Association


sigurjón gunnarsson

Artist and designer with more than 30 years of experience in painting, photography, and computer design with skills in InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and webdesign. Photo amateur for almost half a century.

One of my main professional goals is to discover new technology and techniques that facilitate the access of people to new services and products.


  • Reykjavík School of Visual Art, Iceland

  • Courses in Computer System Management