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Maximize visual potential through vision and brain!

Educational counseling, assessment, and rehabilitation of functional vision of children and teenagers

ABOUT vision2brain

Vision2Brain is an international company that proposes a package of online and
in-person services of screening, functional assessment, educational counseling, and sensory rehabilitation and training programmes for children and teenagers with visual functioning, visual processing disorders, and learning disabilities as a consequence of congenital brain defects, acquired or traumatic brain injuries, and other conditions that might affect the function of the brain responsible for the processing of visual information, based on more than 20 years of experience on education, assessment and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment, blindness, cerebral visual impairment, and additional disabilities.

Image by Dmitry Ratushny

meet the team


Dr. roxana elena cziker

A highly motivated and passionate person, licensed in psychopedagogy for disabled people, qualified as an international free practitioner by the Romanian Union of Psychologists. I have dedicated 24 years of my career in assessment, rehabilitation, and research on vision disability and visual processing disorders due to brain injuries and ophthalmological diseases.

sigurjón gunnarsson

Artist and designer with more than 30 years of experience in painting, photography, and computer design with skills in InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and webdesign. Photo amateur for almost half a century.

One of my main professional goals is to discover new technology and techniques that facilitate the access of people to new services and products.