screening list

ON-LINE Screening list

​Five free of charge sections of the screening lists are proposed on the Vision2Brain website:

General information

The screening list is a preventive measure tool for the early detection of a potential visual processing disorder in order to provide effective functional intervention, training, and rehabilitation support. The result of the screening provides a profile of the visual processing function of the child and teenager.

The screening list is not a necessary stage before the assessment of visual functioning in children and teenagers. Still, it might be a relevant marker of whether the child might be referred to a more in-depth functional assessment and establish the relevant educational and rehabilitation strategies and tools. The screening lists are based on the diverse reference that you can consult it here,

The possible answer to the screening list

Each screening section contains ten questions with five possible answers. You have to choose only one answer among the five possible:

  • NA - Not applicable (1).

  • Never (2)

  • Sometimes (3)

  • Often (4)

  • Always (5)

Before answering, please read carefully each question to be sure you choose the answer that reflects the most accurately the visual processing status of your child.

Results of the screening list

The result of each screening list is generated after answering all questions. Based on the answer to each question, the screening provides a result of the child/teen's visual processing status and guides you on whether or not the child/teen needs a more in-depth assessment and what kind of services are recommended in this regard - functional assessment, educational counseling, or visual and educational rehabilitation and training. In order to have a complete overview of the child's visual processing function, it is recommended to complete all five screening sections. The order and time when completing all five screening lists are up to you.

Required information for getting the results

  1. The parent´s name

  2. Email address

  3. Country of residence

  4. Age of child

The personal data provided by you will not be shared with the third party and your identity is not visible in any way on the Vision2Brain website. Your email address is necessary for receiving the results of the screening.