Informed consent procedures

The informed consent procedure is an essential and mandatory stage to be considered and signed prior to the booking of different services offered by the Vision2Brain. Before requesting consent, the Vision2Brain´s specialist shall make sure that the potential participant, or her/his legal representative, has received necessary and correct information on the procedures. This information should be provided in such a way that the potential participant, or her/his legal representative, understands the contents and whether necessary to provide detailed information for clarifying all responsibilities and rights emerged for participation to the services offered by the Vision2Brain: screening, educational counseling, functional assessment, and rehabilitation and training of visual functioning and visual processing.

For investigations involving minors, the information will be provided to them and their parents/authorized adult using a language that is comprehensible and suitable for each group, and a Participant Information Sheet for Parents and Consent form for Parents will be available. The information should be clear and adequate in order for the minor to make a decision about participation.


Detailed information about each type of services is offered on the Vision2Brain website in the Service area, including descriptions/specifications of:

  • Type and format of service

  • Duration of each session

  • Cost for each service and how many sessions are necessary for each service

  • Technical requirements for communication on online communication platform (Zoom)

  • Benefits and possible risks, inconveniences


To proceed for booking a service you have to check the special button regarding the agreement of the Informed Consent. Without this agreement, you cannot benefit from the services provided by Vision2Brain.


Ethics and data protection requirements


The services offered by the Vision2Brain will be carried out with regard to ethical implications and respecting the regulations expressed in international texts and codes of practices, in particular the Directive General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


The activities should not entail any risk and burden for the individuals concerned. All the data shall be collected and used in respect of the European Parliament’s GDPR and legislations, as it is also stipulated in the Privacy Policy of the Vision2Brain website that you have also to checked as agreed before finishing the booking of certain service.

Data protection plan


The protection of the privacy of participants is the responsibility of the Vision2Brain's team. Privacy means that each participant can control access to personal information and is able to decide who has access to the collected data. It shall be ensured that all Vision2Brain´s specialists that provide services understand and respect the requirement for confidentiality. The beneficiaries (parents, legal representatives, children/teenagers) shall be informed about the confidentiality policy, which is available on the Vision2Brain website.

PARTICIPATION INFORMATION SHEET FOR parents and legal representatives of minors


By signing this form, I understand that on my own decision in agreement with the minor, I am consenting that my child/teen will benefit from services offered by Vision2Brain.

I confirm that I understand the following:

  • The minor that I represent benefits from the services provided by Vision2Brain: educational counseling, assessment of visual functioning and visual perception in order to trace the main difficulties manifested in educational and activities of daily life, independence and autonomy, and social participation and to receive recommendations and guided rehabilitation and training support.

  • I am aware that the services offered by Vision2Brain regarding the functional vision and visual perception assessment do not provide medical or psychological diagnosis, but an individual profile of functional vision of the minor related to educational and vocational activities, independence and autonomy, and participation to social life and for which I can receive practical personalized support and training, recommendations and advises.

  • I am aware and I consent that the services provided by Vision2Brain are not addressed to the assessment, counseling, and rehabilitation of mental health problems or psychiatric symptoms. In this situation, you have to contact specialty medical or clinical psychology or psychotherapy services responsible for this kind of service in your region.

  • I am aware and consent that in-person or online service is not a crisis based functional assessment service.

  • I confirm, as a parent or legal representative of the minor, that it is my free consent that my child/teen benefits from one or more services provided by Vision2Brain.

  • I have the right to ask questions and receive clear answers before applying for a particular service that provides me more information about aspects that are not enough clear for me regarding the services provided by Vision2Brain.

  • I agree that the legal basis for processing personal data is my free consent. I can withdraw my consent at any time, as also mentioned in the Privacy Policy. I am aware of my right to request access to the personal data processed by the specialists of Vision2Brain by sending an email to Roxana Elena Cziker at and request rectification on the personal data, as well as its erasure. I am aware of my rights to request the restriction of personal data processing.

  • I am aware that the personal data will be anonymized unless I request otherwise so that I or the minor that I represent is no longer identifiable. My and the minor´s personal data are not made public on the Vision2Brain website. Any information that might identify my o the minor´s personal data will be removed. Only the specialists of Vision2Brain will be able and have the right to access such data.

  • Personal information received from the site registration and the results of the assessment and other services offered by Vision2Brain will be stored in separate files in a secure manner (including password protection where required) and locked in a safe box with a password. When the information I provide is used for the writing of the report, the specialists of Vision2Brain will remove my name and the name of the minor I represent (only initials of the minor´s name are used) and all identifying features of that information so that our identity and experiences remain confidential (unless attribution is required and I have consented to it). Under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, Vision2Brain has an obligation to inform me of the purpose of the collection, use, storage, and retention of the information I have provided.

  • I have been given the contact details of specialists of Vision2Brain and I have been informed that I am free to contact Roxana Elena Cziker via email:

  • I agree and consent that the online or in-person sessions will not be video or audio recorded by the specialists of Vision2Brain unless there will be a written agreement between the parts, beneficiary the parents, and the provider, Vision2Brain.

  • I agree and consent that, in quality of beneficiary of the minor that I represent, I am not going to take a video or audio recording during the session without the agreement of both parts, the beneficiary the parents, and the provider, Vision2Brain.

  • I agree and consent that the results, recommendations, advice, and strategies provided by the specialists of Vision2Brain will not be shared with other beneficiaries or third parties or similar or other organizations.

  • I am aware and agree that if the payment for the selected service/services agreed upon by Vision2Brain is not be confirmed one day before the online or in-person session takes place, the Vision2Brain reserves the right to cancel the session without any explanations.

  • I am aware and consent that if I paid one or more services but not be present at the session, the Policy Cancelation of Vision2Brain will be applied (please check the Policy Cancellation on the Vision2Brain´s Website).


Vision2Brain´s team