functional vision

The functional vision describes the degree to which a person can use the available vision for managing the environment and fulfilling different activities of daily life such as walking, reading, writing, orientation in space, grooming, clothing, and so forth.


The visual function describes the conditions under which the eyes and the visual system are functioning for collecting, transferring, interpreting, and visual processing information. There are three main categories of visual functions that need to be assessed:

  • Basic visual functions such as visual acuity (sharpness of vision), depth perception (ability to see tridimensional), ability to detect and follow objects, etc.

  • Middle visual functions such as detection of objects in movement

  • Higher visual functions include detection objects, people, and scenes´ locations and functions regarding recognizing objects, pictures, numbers, words, faces, and details.

The definitions and description are based on several references that you can consult here.