3.Functional assessment


Functional assessment.png

The functional vision assessment service is addressed to children/teenagers.

In consultation with the child or teenager, parents can select the service of functional vision assessment after the child/teen has already benefited from educational counseling.

The assessment does not provide a medical or psychological diagnosis, but a functional profile and gives a better overview of how and to what extend visual processing disorders impact educational and everyday life activity.

Vision2Brain proposes different assessment strategies, according to the child´s profile (age, level of development, medical diagnosis):
1. Informal, non-standardized assessment based on observation of sensory functioning and visual perceptual function.
2. Formal, standardized assessment based on standardized visual functions and visual perception tests.

Parents in Iceland that would like to apply for an in-person session of functional visual assessment, please contact Roxana Cziker at the following email address: vision2brain@gmail.com