First session

A few preparatory stages you have to keep in mind for the first session:

  • Be sure that before applying for a service of functional vision assessment, you had already a preliminary discussion with the specialist of Vision2Brain in an educational counseling session. This stage is relevant for the specialist to decide on the assessment strategy and tools of functional vision, and for parents to get information about the organization and format of the assessment session.

  • The child has already benefited from the visual function assessment prior to the rehabilitation and training programme that provides a child's functional vision profile.

  • In the case of the online educational counseling, functional visual assessment, or rehabilitation programme, be sure you meet all technical requirements for accessing the Zoom communication platform described in the area of "Technical requirements."

  • Be sure that at least one day before the online meeting, you have received the link to the Zoom online communication platform that enables your online communication with the specialist of Vision2Brain. If you encounter some issues by accessing the link or this has not sent in time, please do not hesitate to contact Vision2Brain at the following email address:

  • In the case of the online session, check the video and sound settings, and the connection of your computer to the WiFi or internet cable to ensure the quality of communication.

  • Prepare in advance some questions of your interest. Feel free to ask them in the time set up for the online session.

  • Prepare the child in advance for the functional assessment and rehabilitation programme to ensure her/his maximum potential, a good level of attention, and motivation. Attention and motivation are essential pre-requisites for successful assessment and rehabilitation/training procedures.

  • If the child has to be assessed with tests or tools that require specific materials such as papers, pencils, and so forth, be sure you get all required items ready for the online session. In the case of the in-person session, all materials will be provided by the specialist of Vision2Brain.

  • Be positive and be prepared for a comfortable and collaborative adventure.