2.Educational counseling


Individual counseling for parents.png

Educational counseling is a service addressed to parents and children/teenagers that facilitate the conversation with the specialist of Vision2Brain about possible visual perception dysfunctions. The counseling is recommended in the following situations:

  • Before applying for a functional vision assessment. This is an important stage when the specialist gets more information about the child´s age, medical diagnosis, possible difficulties in everyday life, etc. That information is relevant for deciding on the strategy and tools of functional assessment.

  • For gathering further clarifications about possible visual processing disorders of children/teenagers and their impact on educational and daily life activities.

  • For providing recommendations and advice on the development and training of visual functioning and visual perception applied in the context of educational and daily life activities. 


The main benefit of counseling: a different perspective on the manifestation of visual functioning and visual perceptual functions in daily life activities and a better understanding of the visual functioning in children/teenager; advice on enhancing the independence and autonomy and adaptation of educational strategies.