about functional assessment

Functional assessment of visual perception areas (visual processing) brings information about the ability of the child:

  • to select the minimum quantity of information for making the difference between objects´ features - Discrimination

  • to select a higher amount of information to recognize objects - Identification and

  • to give meaning to information perceived in the environment - Interpretation.

For each of these three abilities presented above, a set of assessment tools, materials, and tests are available necessary to reveal the status of the child´s ability to discriminate, identify, and interpret visual information. 

The functional assessment enables the foundation of the child´s visual perceptual profile and outlines the significant impact on the related educational and daily life activities. The visual perceptual profile creates a favorable framework for the design of the personalized rehabilitation and training programmes of different visual perception areas. 

The definition and description of functional assessment are based on several references that you can consult here.